The rules on Section 8 application may vary from state to state. The following is a general overview of the required documents and steps. Refer to the housing department in your state for more specific info.

Step 1

Make sure you qualify for this public housing program. This means your total income is below 50% of the median income in your area. Furthermore your record must be free of evictions and have no criminal record. The applicant must be a legal citizen of the US or possess legal immigrant status.

Step 2

Get all the pertinent documents ready. This includes the birth certificate, pay stubs, tax records and your references. s

Step 3

Get in touch with the housing authority in your location to get an application form. You can apply in more than a single location if the waiting list is long.

Step 4

Fill up the form. Most require the info to be written by pen or pencil, but this may vary per location. List all the names of the people who will be residing in the house.

State your present and previous rental history. You must provide the names, addresses and contact information of all your previous landlords. The Section 8 application form will require you to provide info about your banking record, employment status and income.

Step 5

Include an explanation as to why you are applying. Be honest with your answer because you may be interviewed before you can obtain the housing voucher.

Step 6

Wait for the voucher to arrive. This may take some time. When it arrives, you have 60 days to look for a house that matches the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s housing quality standards.

If you cannot find a home within the 60 day period, request for an extension. Note that the landlord must be a participant in the program.

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord

Step 1

Get in touch with the local housing authority in your area. Inform them you want to apply as a Section 8 landlord. You will be asked about the monthly charges, the size of the property and questions about the neighborhood. Answer the questions truthfully.

Step 2

After your application is approved, a property inspection will be performed. The inspection is to ensure the place meets safety standards.

How to Get Tenants

After you apply, the housing authority will advertise your property. You may also place an ad in the newspaper classified ads. If you put up your own ad, put “RA” or “renter’s assistance” in the advertisement. This helps tenants recognize you are a Section 8 landlord.

When a tenant applies, you can interview them. Negotiate the monthly rent. Half the pay will be shouldered by the housing authority. As a Section 8 landlord, try to be reasonable with the rent.

The Section 8 application process may take some time as there are numerous applicants. But if you follow the guidelines specified here, the process may be expedited and potential legal issues will be prevented.

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